David Hopgood, LCG AMU - National Award Winning Furniture Specialist

I believe the world has changed and we need to protect our heritage and wean ourselves  away from the cheap throw away society for which we've all become too accustomed. Recycling, restoring and repurposing cherished, classic and tasteful pieces surely needs to be attained.  Especially as there's more focus on sustainability and environmental impacts.

a restorer renews the upholstery of anti

Traditional Skills

These were hard earned and one of the last 5 year indentured traditional apprenticeships (1979 - 1984 Foster Upholstery Services) including a one day and evening release college education (1979 - 1985 Basford Hall, Nottingham School of furniture). Culminating to receiving College awards and receiving the coveted 1982 - 83 The National Francis Vaughan Award from the Association of Master Upholsterers.

The Beginning 

In 1986, Hopgoods Re-upolstery & Restoration was established here in Leicestershire in a converted barn and later opening a retail presence in London on the Finchley Road  to directly supplying services to the city.


Essentially, the original business was set up to supply services within the immediate neighbouring Leicestershire counties mainly for the large country houses then later including several palaces within Central London, while when invited to undertake some international projects set within New York, Egypt, Korea etc.