Cabinet work

It is important be considerate and cautious while undertaking true antique restoration. So we will be using animal glues, true seasoned timber where necessary replace with reserved exotic wood veneers.

Traditional and contemporary Upholstery & Re-upholstery

Traditional upholstery is basically the use of natural materials with the use of traditional hand tools, tack hammers, hand tacks, shears, curved and straight horse hair stitching needles. Stuffing regulators. Hand lashed double cone coil springs, Horse hair, cotton felts, feather and down fillings, etc.

Traditional furniture conservation.

Art Deco Leather and Velvet Sofa.jp2

Services offered

- Polishing 

- Wood finishes

- Bees Wax finish

- Shellack French polishing 

- Lacquer finishing 

- Water gold gilding

- Gesso 

- Leaf gilding, etc.